Stroll on two wheels!

One can expect an exciting, adventurous recreation, if choosing the Eastern Bakony area for your bike trips. In Várpalota and its area you can try out your skills and readiness on various terrains of several difficulty levels.

Bicycle rental network

On two wheels in the Bakony and Balaton region

The Bakony & Balaton bicycle rental network offers on 11 rental points well-equipped children's and adult bikes, children and luggage trailers with the necessary accessories for tourists to spend their free time actively and to explore the attractions and varied beautiful landscapes in the area.

The rental points spread throughout the area, so whether our target would be Balatonkenese, Várpalota, Veszprém, Zirc, Eplény, Nemesvámos, Nagyvázsony, Tapolca, Somló, Halimba or Kislőd and its surroundings, feel free to plan cycling tours not only rallye-like, since the bicycles may be deposited at any rental point, regardless of where they were borrowed.

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+36 30 815 2549