The Thury Castle offers its visitors many amenities. Whether talking about our high-quality exhibitions or the broad possibilities of use of our conference halls, here everyone can find something for spending time pleasurably.

Thury Castle services

1. Várpalota’s history from the Neolithic to the present day - Local Historical Exhibition

2. Exhibition from the panels of Vladimir Szabó
3.Torture chamber
4. Turkish room from the materials of our sister city, Pasha Gazi
5. Portrait Gallery of World War I heroes of Várpalota - on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Great War's outbreak
6. Castle soldiers (Photo exhibition of Zoltán Jánváry graphic artist's works) 
7. Iron exhibition
8. Soldier garment exhibition from the Conquest to present days
9. Bakonyi Poroszkálók exhibition - 40,000 kilometers of traditionalist soldiers on horseback
10. Mining Collection - Presentation of Várpalota's unique collection of mining history
11. "Thury Trip historical application
12. "Story of the Palota Castle " - animated short film
Castle Bistro


Conference rooms and event center

During the renovation of Thury Castle, special attention was paid to the widest possible number of opportunities to exploit the potential of the building. By taking into account this a conference center has been developed including a number of rooms. Our guests can enjoy two rooms with an overall floor space of nearly 1,000 square metres which can provide space to a variety of events.

You can ask for a personal offer at or at: +36-88-472-305. 



Wedding Hall

One of the most beautiful rooms in the castle is also suitable for weddings, so we recommend it to all those who wish to say 'I do' in an extraordinary milieu. In addition to the above, we organize and conduct programs and events. Please entrust us with Your questions!

You can ask for a personal offer at or at: +36-88-472-305. 



Conference Room:


Our conference room is appropriate for up to 150 people for lectures and conferences. The room disposes over a technology corresponding to the expectations of the XXI. century (sound system, projector, induction loop, interpreter system). In this room, many newlyweds have already said 'I do', the location is also suitable for holding a civil marriage ceremony, we provided already space for a festive board meeting, and a number of classical music concerts as well.

You can ask for a personal offer at or at: +36-88-472-305. 


Event room, 300 m2, full technical background: 

Our event room can accommodate up to 300 people, which can be made capable to conduct a conference via mobile devices (projectors, sound system). The room is perfect for corporate balls and wedding receptions. 
You can ask for a personal offer at or at: +36-88-472-305. 


Knight's hall:

The oldest room of the castle; you can accommodate up to 100 people in this exclusive venue for any of your events: it is absolutely suitable for dinners, receptions, and meetings as well. We encourage you to bring your featured guests to this unique baroque hall.   
You can ask for a personal offer at or at: +36-88-472-305.